Rockaway Park

Rockaway Park offers scenic waterfront views and a variety of warm-weather entertainments to year-round locals and summertime visitors alike.

The community is growing, with scores of new residents coming to the area in search of affordable housing and a laid-back vibe. The housing options in this tight-knit community vary, from waterfront apartments to single-family homes and condos. While it can get crowded during peak season, Rockaway Park maintains a peaceful atmosphere, making it easy to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. With a small-town feel and relaxed pace of life, the neighborhood seems worlds away from Manhattan. While not the quickest daily commute into the city, Rockaway Park has a well-connected transportation network of trains, buses, and ferries.

Locals enjoy a laid-back beach town vibe in Rockaway Park. Rows of eclectic shops and outdoor bars stand alongside vibrant eateries and delis offering the essentials. While the neighborhood is not overly commercial, fast casual restaurants and surf shops dot the landscape. The gem of the area is the water. Miles of sandy beaches and a colorful boardwalk draw crowds looking to swim, surf, and relax.

With a relaxed atmosphere and fantastic outdoor recreation, Rockaway Park is one to watch.

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