A residential Queens neighborhood with exclusive waterfront access and a peaceful atmosphere, Malba is well worth the price of admission. The housing market in this exclusive community is unique, with impressive homes boasting spacious yards emptying into private, winding roads and avenues. The real estate in Malba is primarily single-family homes, making it a go-to destination for those seeking space and seclusion. Most commuters drive or bus to Manhattan, as the region is not very accessible by public transportation.

Amenities, dining, and entertainment are just a short drive away from this picturesque residential community. Nearby shopping strips offer easy access to markets and chain stores. Small eateries and gourmet bistros dot the landscape. While Malba itself contains a significant amount of private waterfront access, parks like Francis Lewis Park and Powell’s Cove are close by, giving locals public shoreline access.

A beautiful enclave, Malba is a desirable place to call home in Queens.

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