A thriving neighborhood with a robust real estate market, Jamaica has a little bit of something for everyone.

Housing is abundant in this diverse neighborhood. Jamaica’s real estate is a blend of apartments, single-family dwellings, condos, and lofts. The options vary, with amenity-rich luxury housing on tree-lined streets sharing the space with densely packed strips of mid-rise, dated apartment buildings and older homes. Those looking for proximity to Manhattan without the price point will enjoy planting roots in one of the neighborhood’s thriving residential strips. One of Queen’s most well-known districts, Jamaica houses the JFK Airport and other prominent New York City hubs. Student housing makes up a significant portion of the surrounding housing campus, which is a boon to homeowners in the area looking to attract new tenants. A recent campaign to spur development and improve the condition of the neighborhood has increased its popularity as a comfortable place to call home.

There’s plenty to see and do in this lively corner of the borough. Supermarkets, small shops, and local eateries dot the landscape. Jamaica is home to many of the Queen’s administrative and judicial buildings, as well as St. John’s University. Many historic buildings have been converted into shops and restaurants, a nod to the region’s growing commercial culture. Big name chain stores stand next to tiny boutiques and thrift stores. Landmarks abound in Jamaica. The King Manor Museum takes visitors back in time to the early nineteenth century. Located in a historic mansion within King Park, the hotspot also serves as a venue for outdoor concerts and other local events.

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