Howard Beach

Howard Beach is a charming waterfront community in Queens with a robust housing market and beautiful waterfront properties.

The housing market in Howard Beach consists of co-ops, single-family homes, condos, and apartment complexes. Many properties boast lawns, a rarity in the region. Pricier homes sit along the waterfront, offering stunning views of Jamaica Bay and private docks with access to the water.

There are lots of places to eat, shop, and play in Howard Beach. Busy thoroughfares like Cross Bay Boulevard house most of the shopping, dining, and entertainment venues in the neighborhood. Trendy restaurants and fast casual diners stand alongside small shops and community markets. Those looking for nightlife should head to neighboring districts, as Howard Beach tends to quiet down at night.

The outdoor recreation in Howard Beach is second to none. While its name mentions beaches, most of the waterfront in the neighborhood features Jamaica Bay’s natural marshland. Boat clubs and fishing stores line the waterfront. Frank M. Charles Memorial Park has beautiful views of the water, with amenities like tennis courts, athletic fields, a playground, and walking paths. Favorite pastimes in the area include fishing, sailing, and biking.

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