Hamilton Beach

A tiny neighborhood sandwiched between the airport and Jamaica Bay, Hamilton Beach is a unique area with a relaxed vibe.

Housing options abound in this tight-knit community. Most homes in the ten or so blocks that make up Hamilton Beach are freestanding, with tidy lawns and great views of the water. Mid-century bungalows share the space with beach houses and cottages. New homes crop up each year, a testament to the neighborhood’s growing popularity. The area has a suburban feel and a peaceful atmosphere, making it very popular with locals looking to get away from noisy city life.

What it lacks in area Hamilton Beach more than makes up for with convenient amenities. Scores of casual eateries and shops line Cross Bay Boulevard, the region’s main thoroughfare. Frank M. Charles Memorial Park boasts a playground and walking paths, giving locals the perfect backdrop for outdoor recreation like biking, jogging, and picnicking.
A tiny oasis in Queens, Hamilton Beach is a growing community with plenty to offer.

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