Elmhurst is attracting a new influx of residents with its hip vibe and growing district of commercial hubs.

The real estate market in Elmhurst is a blend of co-ops, apartments, and single-family dwellings. The architecture varies from stately brick facades to wood-frame detached homes. Prices are lower than other nearby neighborhoods, appealing to a broader range of residents. The twenty-minute commute to the city center makes it a go-to destination for commuters priced out of Manhattan. People are drawn to the area for its wealth of housing options and laid-back, family-friendly feel.

Elmhurst is known for its diverse population, which gives locals access to an incredible array of authentic cuisine. Local eateries and family-owned delis share the space with hole-in-the-wall diners and up-and-coming restaurants. The main commercial drags boast a string of shops, specialty grocery stores, and markets. Those looking for more expansive shopping options will enjoy Queen’s Plaza Mall and Queen’s Center Mall.

There’s plenty of natural sights and outdoor recreation for this active community. A network of tidy parks offers the perfect place for leisure and relaxation. Elmhurst park houses a children’s playground and spacious lawns for picnics. Athletic courts stand alongside shady trees and walking paths. Elmhurst’s central location gives its locals easy access to a variety of significant landmarks and cultural institutions.

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