Broad Channel

Aptly named, Broad Channel sits on a narrow island nestled in the picturesque Jamaica Bay.

People flock to this unique neighborhood for its beautiful landscapes and preserved wildlands. Residential streets branch out from Cross Bay Boulevard, the area’s main thoroughfare, stretching toward the waterfront. An abundance of single-family homes makes up most of the real estate in this neighborhood, along with a scattering of apartments. Growing families appreciate the tranquil, suburban feel of the area’s residential districts, while commuters looking to make the trip into Manhattan enjoy access to buses and subways.

While not a major commercial hub, Broad Channel makes it easy for locals to find the essentials. Markets and independent shops line Cross Bay Boulevard alongside family-owned delis and casual eateries. The real gem of the neighborhood is its recreation spots and landscapes. You’ll find breathtaking views of the water in almost any direction. Head to the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge to marvel at the bird refuge and take in the area’s natural wildlife or check out the Broad Channel American Park for beachside walking paths and athletic courts. Anything else in the city is just a bridge or subway ride away.

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