Belle Harbor

Belle Harbor is a lovely enclave in Queens known for its beachfront mansions and tight-knit community.

Property is in-demand in sophisticated Belle Harbor. The housing stock in the community is mainly large waterfront properties and single-family homes, with a scattering of apartments and condos. Public parking is restricted during the region’s peak summer months, adding to the neighborhood’s feeling of exclusivity. While property prices run high, residents enjoy perks like dedicated maintenance for public spaces.

At its core, Belle Harbor is a lively neighborhood where neighbors know one another and participate in community events and outdoor recreation. Cafes, restaurants, and a string of shops make up the area’s commercial center. Nearby Rockaway Park features more extensive shopping options, giving residents space from the hustle and bustle of busier districts while still offering convenience. Many of the public areas in Belle Harbor are accessible only to residents; something locals take full advantage of in the beautiful weather. Long stretches of beach offer the perfect backdrop to family-friendly activities like swimming, boating, sunbathing, and surfing, while waterfront parks boast sweeping views of the Manhattan skyline across the bay.

For stunning landscapes and a laid-back vibe, there’s no place like Belle Harbor.

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