Natural beauty meets suburban convenience in Bayside.

People are drawn to the area for its ample green space and gorgeous properties. Housing options in Bayside range from single and multi-family dwellings to apartments and co-ops. Tree-lined streets and large houses are a staple for the area. The architecture is a diverse blend of contemporary and vintage style homes. A stroll through each part of the neighborhood is a journey through the decades, a historical quirk that locals work hard to preserve in the face of new development. Real estate is pricey in this neighborhood, with Bayside commanding some of the most expensive listings in the state. Residents enjoy easy access to tidy parks and a collection of bustling commercial strips.

Bayside has an undeniable charm that comes from merging a peaceful suburban atmosphere with a growing market for shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Hole-in-the-wall pubs share the space with lively bars and trendy restaurants. With Manhattan just a short drive away, residents have access to world-class cultural institutions and shopping. These pockets of restaurants and shops are broken up by tidy residential enclaves. Each subsection of the neighborhood boasts its own distinct character.

Nature is abundant in Bayview. A scattering of parks like Alley Pond Park and Bayview Marina dot the landscape. Favorite activities in the area include biking, hiking, swimming, golfing, and other outdoor sports. Nearby Fort Totten Park houses a preserved Civil War Fortress and a nature center. During Halloween, crowds gather to enjoy haunted lantern tours of the historic Water Battery.

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