A classic Queens neighborhood with plenty of cultural hotspots, Astoria is a community on the rise.

From historic Victorian architecture to sprawling brownstones, you’re sure to find something that suits your taste on Astoria’s quiet side streets. The neighborhood is experiencing a period of extreme growth, with new construction cropping up every year to accommodate the influx of residents. Real estate in the community consists of apartment complexes, co-ops, and detached and attached single-family homes.

There’s plenty to do in this New York City gem. Luxury restaurants and trendy bars line the streets alongside family-owned diners and cozy cafes. Foodies flock to the area each year for its world-class Greek cuisine. Residents and locals alike enjoy Astoria’s many theaters, galleries, and famous cultural institutions like the Museum of Moving Image. Sprawling neighborhood green space serves as the perfect backdrop for a leisurely walk or picnic lunch.

Those looking for convenient proximity to Midtown without the price tag will love calling Astoria home.

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