Comfort meets convenience in Philipstown. The rural retreat combines a wealth of commercial entertainments and outdoor activities amidst a stunning natural landscape.

The real estate market comprises single family homes, condos, seasonal housing, and apartments. The terrain is diverse, with scenic mountain foothills and glistening lakes giving way to spacious residential districts and bustling town centers. People flock to the area for its peaceful atmosphere and a wide range of residential amenities. Quaint central commercial hubs offer plenty of opportunities to dine, shops, and learn about the historical significance of the area. Like many upstate communities, the district enjoys a robust local art scene with local galleries and craft fairs. Nightlife in Philipstown is tame, giving residents the opportunity to experience the calm of quiet country evenings.

The western border of Philipstown runs along the Hudson River. Locals enjoy waterfront access perfect for activities like swimming, rafting, and boating. Riverside restaurants and shops stand alongside antique shops and markets. Nearby Hudson Highlands State Park offers panoramic views of the area’s many rivers and mountains. A favorite place for day hiking, it serves as the perfect backdrop for leisurely nature walks, picnics, and bird watching.

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