The lively town of Wallkill blends natural recreation with a vibrant commercial scene.

The real estate in Wallkill comprises condos, split-levels, ranches, and apartments. The land is diverse, with sprawling farmland and preserved woodlands emptying into densely populated residential districts. While the architecture in the region began with modest, mid-century farmhouses, modern design has made its impression on the market. An influx of new residents drawn to the area for its peaceful country atmosphere has spurred an increase in new development. The community is dedicated to preserving the character of this rural town, enforcing strict zoning laws to keep new projects as green as possible.

There are lots of family-friendly activities for locals and visitors alike in the Orange County town. Shopping centers with boutiques and markets share the street with bars and busy restaurants. Nights are relatively calm in Wallkill, which suits its residents just fine. The tranquility of the town and its country surroundings are what makes it such a comfortable place to call home.

Wallkill, like many upstate towns, makes the most of its natural surroundings. Favorite outdoor activities in the area include swimming, boating, fishing, and athletics. Public parks like C. Hudson Thompson Memorial Park have spacious lawns and gardens. An extensive network of walking and hiking trails, perfect for this active community, offers stunning natural vistas.

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