A private oasis amidst a gorgeous upstate backdrop, Tuxedo is brimming with historic architecture and a wide array of recreational opportunities.

The real estate market in Tuxedo is thriving. The options range from single-family homes and apartments to gated communities with luxury condos. People flock to the area for its secluded residential districts and tranquil atmosphere. The architecture of the town is a testament to its character. The historic facades offer a glimpse into the town’s eighteenth-century colonial roots, while more modern development speaks to the region’s growth.

There’s plenty of convenient amenities and entertainment for residents and visitors alike in Tuxedo. Markets, boutiques, and shops dot the landscape. Trendy eateries and antique stores round out the retail scene. A place for tourism, quaint bed and breakfasts stand alongside luxury hotels.

Tuxedo makes the most of its diverse natural landscape. Lakefront beaches and ample parkland are the perfect escape for this active community. The nearby Ramapo Mountains boast scenic hiking trails with panoramic views of the mountain below. Every year in the village of Tuxedo Park, the New York Renaissance Faire draws in heavy foot traffic. Crowds gather to transport themselves into a different time with craft vendors, delicious food, jousting fights, and music.

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