Nestled in Orange County, Highlands is where a tranquil country lifestyle meets a close-knit community.

The terrain is diverse and beautiful, serving as the perfect backdrop for thriving tourism industry. Situated along the west bank of the Hudson River, locals and visitors alike enjoy waterfront access and panoramic views of the river and nearby mountains. The real estate landscape comprises seasonal housing, single family homes, condos, and apartments. A place of community involvement and historic pride, Highlands offers a variety of festivals and events throughout the year. People flock to the area for its peaceful atmosphere and dynamic offering of entertainment and dining options.

Highlands is rife with natural beauty and historical lore. Its most famous landmark is The United States Military Academy at West Point, which resides along the Hudson River and occupies a significant portion of the town. Boasting a rich history and stunning architecture, the historic military base draws considerable foot traffic each year. Bear Mountain State Park is a popular destination for those looking to marvel at wildlife and spend the day hiking. Activities like fishing, biking, camping, and swimming are favorite pursuits for this active community. Nearby Palisades State Park offers impressive views of the surrounding nature, rounding out the robust collection of outdoor hotspots in the region.

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