Deer Park

Situated in the western part of lively Orange County, the town of Deerpark is a country haven for those seeking a comfortable place to live with convenient access to premium dining and shopping.

Dense pockets of residential districts dot the landscape. Just under two hours from midtown Manhattan, Deerpark is a popular destination for New York City residents looking for a second home in a lovely rural setting. The real estate market ranges from seasonal housing and bungalows to single-family homes and apartments. People flock to the area for its wealth of housing opportunities and an exquisite backdrop of stunning natural vistas.

Deerpark has plenty of sights and activities for locals and visitors alike. There’s ample access to prime shopping, local eateries and restaurants, and a wealth of quaint shops and boutiques. A series of walking and biking trails are favorite hotspots for its active community. Activities like fishing, camping, hiking, and swimming are favorite pursuits. The town is not a destination for nightlife, as evenings tend to quiet down in Deerpark, but those looking for an exciting night out have plenty of nearby options. With bustling commercial hubs just a few miles away, Deerpark offers a convenient, laid-back lifestyle for its residents.

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