Cozy suburbia meets a relaxed country lifestyle in Westbury.

The real estate market in Westbury is a blend of single and multi-family dwellings, apartments, co-ops, and large estates. People flock to the area for its broad range of housing options and prices. The architecture is as diverse as the residents, with Colonial and Cape Cod style homes sharing the street with modern facades and amenity-rich complexes. The town has a convenient location that appeals to commuters looking for a mix of country living and suburban charm. In the last decade, the region has become more and more popular, with a new influx of residents planting roots in the community each year.

There’s plenty of shopping and dining options in Westbury for locals and visitors alike. Post Avenue boasts lively shopping strips housing everything from small boutiques and markets to chain stores and restaurants. The arts scene is active in Westbury. Outdoor concert venues and art galleries dot the landscape. The vibrant community enjoys a string of local organizations and events aimed at bringing people together and celebrating the region’s diversity.

While there’s little green space in the downtown district, Westbury residents enjoy easy access to an extensive network of parks and recreation centers. Eisenhower Park houses acres of golf courses, picnic areas, playgrounds, and walking trails. The Old Westbury Gardens, a picturesque destination popular with visitors and tourists, boasts a historic home and formal English gardens. Outdoor events like the nearby Westbury Music Fair draw heavy foot traffic to the area each year.

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