Sea Cliff

Situated along the shoreline of Hempstead Harbor, Sea Cliff is a scenic haven with beautiful homes and plenty of family-friendly fun.

People head to the waterfront village for its peaceful atmosphere and quirky vibe. The housing stock that lines the steep hillsides in Sea Cliff is well-kept and diverse. Restored Victorian homes and modest cottages stand alongside quaint mid-century bungalows and stately pre-war houses. Modern construction sits along the edge of the village, rounding out the colorful collection of unique architecture that makes Sea Cliff such an exciting place to house hunt.

Locals enjoy breathtaking views of the harbor from the village’s central commercial hub. Main avenues boast charming antique shops, trendy bistros, and small boutiques. Block parties and street fairs are frequent, a testament to the strong sense of community that pervades Sea Cliff. Known for its vibrant artists’ community, Sea Cliff is a popular destination for art galleries and live music performances. Parkland is abundant in the village, from the walking trails and forests in Memorial Park to the boat launches and pools at Harry Tappen Beach.

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