Roslyn Heights

Roslyn Heights draws in new residents each year with its central location and family-friendly vibe.

Once home to sprawling estates and opulent mansions, Roslyn Heights now maintains a robust market of mainly single-family houses, from starter homes and modest dwellings to pricy, amenity-rich properties. Walkable suburban streets and well-manicured lawns are longtime community fixtures. People flock to the area for its tranquil atmosphere and wealth of entertainments and recreation.

A string of community spaces, restaurants, and shops line the hamlet’s main streets. Independent shops and chain stores stand alongside fast-casual eateries and cafes. A vast collection of historic buildings dot the landscape, from the clock tower to a handful of old estates. Roslyn’s central location puts some of the best shopping, dining, and recreation at its residents’ fingertips. Large shopping malls and public beaches are just a short trip away. Head to the cultural institutions like Nassau County Museum of Art to marvel at exhibits, or spend an afternoon playing a round of golf at Christopher Morley Park. Whatever you’re looking to explore on Long Island, Roslyn Heights is a great place to start.

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