Oyster Bay

A sailor’s dream, the lively hamlet of Oyster Bay blends a quiet seaside location with a wealth of historic landmarks.

Housing options include large historic homes, fabulous new construction, co-ops, and stately townhomes. People are drawn to the area for its cozy feel and stunning natural vistas. Stroll down the main street for blocks of beautiful old buildings and eclectic shops. Small galleries and food stands line the street alongside cafes and boutiques. Exclusive yacht clubs and private beach clubs are fixtures in the area. Gorgeous summer weather and plenty of outdoor recreation draw heavy foot traffic to the district each year.

Many of the activities available in this Long Island gem revolve around its natural beauty. Sailors take to the open water at the first sign of wind. Locals and visitors alike enjoy recreational activities like windsurfing, fishing, swimming, and kayaking. A sprawling town park near Oyster Bay Harbor is an excellent place for a picnic or quick game of tennis, while landmarks like Teddy Roosevelt’s summer home draw crowds looking to learn more about the area’s history. The National Wildlife Refuge, home to the last remaining commercial oyster farm in New York State, rounds out the list of must-see spots in this picturesque hamlet.

Off the beaten path, Oyster Bay offers locals a growing residential market and plenty of old town charm.

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