Old Westbury

A quiet enclave in Long Island, Old Westbury caters to those looking for upscale homes and beautiful landscapes.

Head to Old Westbury for sprawling, amenity-rich properties. The housing stock in this corner of Long Island is mainly large, opulent estates on vast acres. Old Westbury was once home to famous New York families like the Vanderbilts, with many of the private dwellings now converted into community spaces and public gardens. People flock to the upscale suburb for its secluded, peaceful atmosphere.

Recreation in Old Westbury is second to none. Check out the Meadowbrook Polo Club for a glimpse into the area’s history or play a round at one of the many golf courses that dot the landscape. Parkland, from Old Westbury Gardens to the Westbury Community Center, offers playgrounds, walking paths, and picnic lawns. Nearby Eisenhower Park boasts a swimming pool, golf venue, tennis courts, and outdoor concerts and movies during the summer months.

Recent Listings in Old Westbury