Old Bethpage

People flock to Old Bethpage for its convenient location and family-friendly vibe. Those looking to plant roots in Bethpage will find a collection of mid-century single-family split levels and ranches. Tidy parks and community spaces break up the residential districts, attracting growing families and those seeking a walkable, tranquil neighborhood.

A string of shops, restaurants, and bars line Old Country Road, the area’s main thoroughfare. While not a significant commercial space, Old Bethpage offers locals easy access to many town centers and shopping strips like Broadway Mall in neighboring Hicksville. The area is rife with historical lore, from the traditional storefronts in town to sites like the Old Bethpage Village Restoration, which features acres of old buildings and numerous Civil War reenactments throughout the year.

Recreation in the area is second to none. Bethpage State Park boasts five world-class golf courses, while Battle Row County Park and Campground is a prime destination for camping, athletics, and hiking. Nearby beaches like Tobay Beach draw heavy foot traffic during the warmer months.

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