North Merrick

North Merrick strikes the perfect balance between the convenience of a big commercial hub and the privacy and tranquility of a small community. Suburban at its core, North Merrick specializes in older homes with excellent amenities like wrap-around porches, along with a scattering of apartments. Quiet, tree-lined streets and well-manicured yards are longtime staples. Residents enjoy an abundance of parkland and community spaces, a draw for growing families.

In addition to a peaceful atmosphere, North Merrick commands a vibrant collection of community amenities, as well as easy access to nearby commercial hubs and recreation sites. Museums and art galleries dot the landscape. Shops and restaurants line the waterfront alongside cafes and bars. Neighboring communities feature public beaches perfect for swimming, boating, and surfing.

With outdoor recreation and beautiful residential districts, North Merrick is a lovely place to call home in Long Island.

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