A growing suburban region with a unique history, Levittown offers residents a massive housing market and convenient access to natural hotspots.

Levittown is famously known as one of the first and largest mass-produced suburbs in the country. After World War II, founder William Levitt bought large tracts of land and created rows of identical Cape-Cod style homes. Modern-day Levittown is significantly less “cookie-cutter,” with most houses boasting modified floor plans and new additions. People are drawn to this suburban retreat for its vibrant housing market and a broad range of options.

There’s plenty to do in this lively corner of Long Island. A network of public parks with walking paths and playgrounds dot the landscape. Shopping strips and hole-in-the-wall pubs stand alongside gourmet markets and local eateries. Family-friendly fun like bowling alleys and movie theaters are fixtures in the area. The active community enjoys theme nights at bars and a series of regional festivals and parties.

Natural sights and landmarks in Levittown center around the beach. Nearby Jones Beach State Park is a go-to destination in the region. Miles of white-sand beach stretch along the Long Island’s south shore, giving guests access to recreation like swimming, rafting, and fishing. Jones Beach is also the site of a collection of outdoor concerts and sports courts. Visitors stroll along the boardwalk, sampling food from concession stands and enjoying games like shuffleboard and miniature golf.

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