Great Neck Plaza

Great Neck Plaza is a historic village known for its robust commercial center and charming suburban blocks.

There are plenty of places to plant roots in the village’s quiet residential districts. The housing stock in Great Neck Plaza ranges from single-family homes to mid-rise apartment buildings and modern developments. People flock to the area for its family-friendly vibe and convenient access to community amenities like public parks and a walkable central hub.

Great Neck Plaza boasts a vibrant downtown center. Shopping strips and family-owned eateries stand alongside trendy cafes and chain stores. Art plays a vital role in the community, from colorful streets murals and sculptures to formal galleries. Tidy public green space like Cutter Mill Park features playgrounds and walking paths, while beaches and state parks are just a short drive away.

With a growing market of businesses and outdoor recreation, Great Neck Plaza is a community on the rise.

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