Glen Cove

With the convenient amenities of a city and the tight-knit feel of a small town, there is something for everyone in Glen Cove.

The real estate market in Glen Cove is dominated by single-family homes, with a scattering of co-ops and condos. The housing stock runs the gamut from small rental units to sprawling mansions, giving residents a wide range of places to call home. The city is self-contained, with small pockets of businesses and community spaces breaking up the area’s charming residential districts. Locals can find almost anything they need in one of Glen Cove’s corner markets or shopping strips.

Outdoor recreation abounds in this Gold Coast city. Long stretches of sandy beaches feed into miles of nature trails and beautiful preserves. Popular entertainment in the region includes biking, swimming, boating, and hiking. Enjoy a round of golf on the local course or relax by the water’s edge. Old Tappan Park boasts tennis courts, lawns, and a playground. Hotspots like the Hempstead Harbor Yacht Club and Garvies Point Museum and Preserve draw heavy foot traffic throughout the year. Part of J.P. Morgan’s estate is now the Morgan Park and Beach. During July and August, the Morgan Park Festival brings the community together with free outdoor concerts at the gazebo.

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