East Meadow

Outdoor recreation meets convenience in the Long Island hamlet of East Meadow.

Once a grazing ground for farmers, East Meadow is now a major residential area with plenty of amenities and a robust real estate market. Housing in this busy suburb consists of mainly of split-levels, Cape Cods, and mid-century ranches. People flock to the hamlet for its proximity to prime shopping, beaches, and the area’s major highways.

Residents enjoy access to plenty of outdoor recreation and flourishing commercial hubs in East Meadow. Large malls and shopping strips dot the landscape. The hamlet boasts a vibrant network of restaurants, markets, and community centers. Nearby wineries and beaches make the area a go-to destination for visitors and residents alike looking to relax and take in the scenic Long Island landscape. East Meadow is also home to Eisenhower Park, a large public space featuring sports fields, a batting cage, golf courses, and a swimming pool. This enormous park also has an outdoor theater, the site of many summer community events like concerts and movies, and a health club.

With vast community space and a healthy market of housing options, East Meadow is a hamlet on the rise.

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