Bayville is a scenic waterfront community with a down-to-earth vibe.

The abundance of water surrounding Bayville makes it a go-to destination for outdoor recreation. Beaches like Sound Side Beach and West Harbor Beach are for village residents only, giving locals an exclusive spot for pastimes like swimming, rafting, and surfing. Nearby Mill Neck Preserve features acres of undeveloped marshlands rife with wildlife, while Mill Neck Creek caters to kayaking and canoeing enthusiasts.

The housing stock in Bayville consists of mainly single-family houses. The inventory varies, from starter homes and fixer-uppers to larger dwellings. Neighbors know one another in this quiet town, and its relaxed vibe and tight-knit community are a big draw for growing families. While it’s not a thriving commercial center, Bayville Avenue offers access to the essentials with shops, restaurants, and community centers.

With privacy and beautiful landscapes, Bayville is a pleasant place to call home in Long Island.

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