Baldwin is a charming hamlet in Long Island with a robust housing market and plenty of outdoor recreation.

There are plenty of places to call home in Baldwin. The area boasts a unique market of old houses with vintage facades, newer single-family dwellings, co-ops, and condos. Revered for its peaceful atmosphere, the hamlet features large homes on tidy lawns, with a few stores and restaurants dotting the landscape. Family-owned eateries and cozy cafes are longtime staples in the area. The secluded layout and growing market of businesses give residents in the region the best of both worlds. Those looking for prime nightlife should head to neighboring towns, as Baldwin tends to quiet down at night.

The outdoor recreation in Baldwin is second to none. Baldwin Park, a local hotspot, feature sports facilities, a spray pool, and a skate park. Favorite activities in the area include swimming, kayaking, hiking, and biking. The hamlet is a part of Hampstead, a waterfront town near popular beaches like Jones Beach State Park and Lido Beach. Just a short trip away, Silver Point Park boasts acres of ponds, gardens, and walking paths.

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