Boasting a peaceful suburban feel and a convenient Manhattan location, the self-contained community of Stuyvesant Town is a double threat in the real estate market. Known to many as Peter Cooper Village, the iconic housing development is a comfortable and tight-knit place to call home.

The collection of apartment buildings, playgrounds, and parks that make up Stuyvesant are priced well for their Manhattan location, offering growing families a secure place to put down roots. Residents love the lush green space and wealth of essential retail and markets. With its amenities, security force, and newspaper, the neighborhood might as well be its own little corner of the world.

The sprawling red brick landscape offers curved roads and tidy parkland to break up the uniform look of the area. A central park harbors a picturesque fountain and beautiful playground for children and turns into a popular ice skating rink during the winter months. In the name of self-sufficiency, the neighborhood spurs the development of more and more conveniences like gyms, grocery stores, and small chains each year.

While the area is not a destination for nightlife, popular neighborhoods are just a few streets away, making for easy living on Manhattan’s east side.

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