Murray Hill

A popular place for young professionals, the real estate market in Murray Hill features a mix of historical townhouses and larger apartment complexes. The neighborhood’s boisterous energy and ample “all-hours” establishments make it a convenient and vibrant residential area.

Graduates looking to quench their “party day” nostalgia won’t be disappointed with the neighborhood’s 24/7 schedule and its wealth of sports bars and late-night eateries. The real estate, a collection of nondescript apartment buildings, postwar architecture, and mid-century townhouses, is more affordable for young professionals than other Manhattan neighborhoods.

Famous for its “work hard, play hard” atmosphere, the area is an idea place to grab a midday meal or happy hour cocktail. Despite the college town feel, Murray Hill maintains a signature laid-back vibe that makes it popular for families. By no means a cultural center, the neighborhood features a number of lively commercial hubs intermingled with its countless residential buildings.

Take in nearby landmarks like the Chrysler Building and Grand Central Terminal, or enjoy local favorites like jazz clubs and hip cafes. While the bar scene along Third Avenue is particularly lively, this well-connected neighborhood has its share of family-friendly streets and commercial squares.

With convenient amenities and culture-heavy neighborhoods at your doorstep, Murray Hill is an easy place to call home.

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