Morningside Heights

Located near the Upper West Side and Harlem, Morningside Heights draws influence from the many academic institutions that call it home. Residents enjoy the neighborhood’s ample green space and chill vibe.

Perhaps the biggest quirk of the neighborhood is its duality, with its proximity to Columbia making it both an extremely settled and heavily transient area. A steady stream of college students share space with long-time locals. While the real estate is considered relatively affordable for the area, it is by no means cheap.

Morningside Heights offers a wealth of restaurants and stores that make it an easy place to call home. The retail and dining options are as diverse as its population, offering everything from specialty stores to open-air farmers’ markets.

Known as the Academic Acropolis, the neighborhood contains a variety of important educational and cultural institutions. Locals and visitors alike enjoy the fringe benefits of this moniker, attending the many book readings and seminars held throughout the year.

Visitors will enjoy exploring Columbia University’s manicured lawns or gawking at the magnificent architecture of the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine. Other popular sites include the General Grant National Memorial and the West End Bar, where Beat poets liked to meet up in the forties and fifties.

A haven for growing families and busy college students, Morningside Heights runs on cultural charm and school spirit.

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