Midtown East

For those looking for the convenience and cosmopolitan feel of Midtown without the noise and foot traffic of some of its most popular tourist areas, Midtown East offers some respite with peaceful neighborhoods rife with historical lore and classic charm.

The real estate market is generally pricey, with luxury co-ops and apartments packed with exclusive amenities dominating much of the landscape. Quieter tree-lined avenues boast gorgeous pre-war architecture and stately townhouses. Less touristy than the Midtown West, the district is an ideal place for peaceful strolls or day-trips to the many cultural institutions in the area. Residents enjoy a significant decrease in tourist activity in neighborhoods far from the bustle of Broadway and Times Square.

Residents in Midtown East enjoy having a little bit of everything at their fingertips. A short walk away from iconic landmarks like Rockefeller Plaza and the United Nations, Midtown East offers pockets of commercial activity and easy access to nightlife options.
Famous skyscrapers like the Chrysler Building fill the skyline and offer an easy commute for locals. Cultural highlights like The New York Public Library Main Branch and the Museum of Modern Art are just around the corner. Central Park, a constant fixture in Midtown life, offers vast green space perfect for an afternoon of sunbathing or a daily walk. Nearby Bryant Park and MacArthur Park allow Midtown Easy residents to mix it up and enjoy the diversity of New York’s park system.

Withdrawn from the busy western thoroughfares, Midtown East quiets down at night, offering the best of both worlds for its active residents.

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