Marble Hill

The northernmost neighborhood in New York City, Marble Hill is a little piece of Manhattan in the Bronx. Its unique geographical history makes it the only Manhattan neighborhood on the North American mainland.

Marble Hill was separated from the island of Manhattan during the construction of the Harlem Ship Canal in 1895. Legally still a part of the borough, the neighborhood is physically located in the Bronx. Named for its underground marble deposits, the area is for the most part residential. Quirky Victorian houses line the Harlem River, while its winding streets feature single family homes and multi-level apartment buildings. An island in the Bronx, the cozy neighborhood is considered to be a relatively tight knit community.

While the neighborhood itself lacks a significant commercial hub, the area features easy access to neighboring amenities in both central Manhattan and the Bronx. Residents looking for dining options usually head over to Broadway, which houses the main shopping thoroughfare.

For almost a century, Manhattan and the Bronx having been playing tug-of-war over this little piece of history, which only adds to its signature charm.

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