Manhattan Valley

Formerly known as the Bloomingdale District, Manhattan Valley is a small neighborhood on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Its proximity to Central Park makes it ideal for commuters looking for a diverse community with an exclusive feel.

Once considered a lower-priced alternative to other parts of the Upper West Side, the area is steadily drawing interest with its convenient location and quiet atmosphere. Manhattan Valley houses a mix of pre-war architecture and new developments– it’s not uncommon to find a small townhouse from the early twentieth century next to a deluxe high-rise. The area’s nearness to Columbia University and large youth hostel make for a diverse group of residents.

A relatively green area, locals enjoy easy access to Central Park, Morningside Park, and Riverside Park. Passersby enjoy marveling at the noteworthy architecture that lines the streets of Manhattan Valley, including a quirky Gothic condo building converted from an old hospital. Small restaurants, bars, and shops are scattered throughout the decidedly residential streets, adding personality to every corner of the compact neighborhood.

While you can find a few larger commercial shops in Columbus Square, the area itself generally isn’t a tourist destination for anything but lodging. Hostelling International, which can house almost 700 travelers, is a popular base for backpackers looking to explore the city.

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