Lincoln Square

Known formerly as San Juan Hill, the bustling neighborhood of Lincoln Square has something for everyone. This significant retail and cultural destination offers a mix of quiet residential side streets and upscale commercial hubs, making it a prime location for those in search of a quaint community with a city feel.

The area mixes the allure of new condos with history-rich co-ops. Townhouses line the side streets, offering residents a home away from the action. The architecture is an appealing blend of prewar buildings and modern construction. Openings in Lincoln Square are rare, with its easy access to schools and cultural amenities spurring a growing demand for new apartments. Options that do exist are pricey, which is not uncommon for such a central location.

Residents enjoy proximity to Midtown, drawing a large community of young professionals looking to be close to the action. Columbus Avenue offers a variety of retail and restaurant options. Narrow shops sandwiched between buildings house local craftsman, giving buyers an alternative to the sea of upscale establishments. Its iconic Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, the real heart of the neighborhood, is home to the New York Philharmonic, the New York City Ballet, and the Metropolitan Opera.

A thriving hub, Lincoln square manages to balance its lively business scene with nice residential perks, making it a comfortable and exciting community to call home.

Recent Listings in Lincoln Square