Lenox Hill

A small but culturally significant piece of New York City’s Upper East Side, Lenox Hill blends old sophistication with modern charm. Its spread of top-notch dining and entertainment and close proximity to Central Park make the neighborhood one of the most desirable places to live in the city.

A pricey yet competitive market, Lenox Hill features luxury apartment buildings, elegant townhouses, and modern condos with the latest amenities. Openings are hard to come by and you will pay dearly for the district’s prime park-side location. A lovely neighborhood to walk through, the area boasts shady, tree lined streets and stately brownstones. Its picturesque location makes it a popular spot for fancy hotels, affording visitors and locals alike enviable views of the park and downtown Manhattan.

Lenox Hill is named after the famous hospital it houses, which dates back over 150 years. While charming, the neighborhood has an exclusive vibe, serving up fine dining and cultural sites in some of the city’s most luxurious establishments. Residents are walking distance from famous museums like the Guggenheim and the Met. Upscale boutiques and retailers line nearby Madison Avenue. Despite this elite vibe, tourists are a common sight, especially during the warm summer months.

The posh neighborhood is perfect for those desiring a lively district with depth on Manhattan’s fashionable East Side.

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