Located at the tip of Manhattan, Inwood is the northernmost neighborhood on the island. Known for its distinctive hilly geography and scenic water boundaries, the region might as well be its own little world.

Inwood’s real estate market is sharply divided. Those looking for affordable rents and access to commercial conveniences prefer the district’s industrial eastern region. The western portion of Inwood is lush with greenery, attracting residents willing to shell out a bit more for the low-key atmosphere. Ultimately, the Upper Manhattan neighborhood offers a quiet, country-like appeal that contrasts with the hustle of downtown.

The community is diverse, vibrant, and tight-knit. Young professionals flock to the area for its wealth of housing options. Well-loved pubs stand alongside hip coffee spots, marking the area’s recent growth. Broadway, one of the few connections to the rest of the city, is a popular destination for shops and restaurants.

Inwood boasts a variety of outdoor sightseeing and activities. Inwood Hill Park, which borders the Hudson River, is a popular destination for nature lovers. Explore its many caves and the last salt marsh in the city. Join the groups of birdwatchers congregated by the river. Walk through its forested trails and escape the rush of city life.

For country charm and rugged landscape in the midst of Manhattan, there’s no place like Inwood.

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