Fort George

Depending on who you talk to, Fort George is either a part of Washington Heights or a fully-fledged neighborhood. Named after the famous fort built in 1776, the area is rich in both history and potential.

Running from Broadway east to the Harlem River, Fort George is known for its quaint and quiet streets. Considered one of the hilliest areas in Manhattan, the neighborhood’s unique landscape and modest prices are attracting a new market of buyers. Most of the homes have been around since the 1920s, but new luxury developments are on the horizon.

Fort George offers an eclectic mix of Dominican restaurants, a nod to the high Hispanic population, and upscale cafes. With an influx of residents, new retail spaces and restaurants are arriving every day. The nightlife is mild compared to more central neighborhoods, with a small scattering of local hole-in-the-wall pubs and a decent bar scene.

While a bit far-out from the bustle of downtown Manhattan, you can tempt even the choosiest of friends to visit with some of the area’s beautiful parkways and historic sites. Residents enjoy walking distance to Fort Tryon park, a quiet respite from the city with open lawns and beautiful gardens. The Cloisters, a museum set in the park itself, offers viewers a glimpse of European medieval architecture and decorative arts from the Romanesque and Gothic Periods.

For those looking for a Manhattan address with a laid-back feel, Fort George delivers a mix of small community charm and the promise of things to come.

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