Living in Flatiron puts you square in the middle of New York’s fast-paced business world. Named after the Flatiron Building, a beloved Manhattan landmark with a distinctive triangular shape, the neighborhood offers a lively retail scene with easy access to neighboring Midtown and Union Square.

A district characterized by its resilience, Flatiron is home to a mix of historical skyscrapers and modern developments. A mid-century decline in business drove away residents for a while, but the neighborhood has seen a huge commercial revival in the last decade. Luxury buildings featuring convenient amenities make this district a pricier but worthwhile place to call home.

For the resident who wants to have it all, the “little bit of everything” vibe that pervades Flatiron is paradise. Home to several publishing houses and graphic design firms, the area is energized by the hustle of its growing population of young professionals. The neighborhood’s resurgence brings a variety of new developments and upscale restaurants, which thrive alongside casual street food and small boutiques. There’s prime shopping to be had on Fifth Avenue, while people-watchers and concert-goers take in the sites at Madison Square Park.

While its day life is bustling, Flatiron remains true to its variable nature with a peaceful evening atmosphere. Those looking for a more adventurous nightlife know popular hotspots are just a few steps away.

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