East Village

A historic center of New York City counterculture, the East Village is brimming with vibrant communities of energetic newcomers and locals loyal to the neighborhood’s rough past. If you love to march to the beat of your own drum, this is the perfect place to call home.

The real estate landscape is less intimidating than other Manhattan neighborhoods, making it a natural place for students and recent graduates to find housing. Renters enjoy the cozy simplicity of prewar architecture and traditional brownstones. As with most neighborhoods in the area, rent is climbing as retail and modern development options grow.

The birthplace of punk rock, the East Village’s former grungy vibe has given way to a more mainstream energy with its influx of NYU students and residents looking for a laid-back Manhattan neighborhood. The stylish area boasts a carefully curated selection of hip bars and trendy clubs. Tasteful galleries and quaint bookstores stand alongside busy restaurants and lush green space. There’s always something to new to see in this social slice of Manhattan.

Take a walk through well-loved Tompkins Square Park or catch a show at the historic Orpheum Theatre. Meander down the side streets for a wealth of hidden local hotspots and quirky eateries. There’s something for everyone in this classic urban neighborhood.

Whatever you’re after, the East Village has sights to quench the appetite of the city’s most curious and adventurous residents.

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