Civic Center

The heart of New York City government, the Civic Center is home to striking marble monuments and an array of government buildings and courthouses. A neighborhood that’s built to serve, residents enjoy the district’s efficient layout and easy access to all corners of the city.

Located in lower Manhattan, visitors will recognize many of the area’s facades as the backdrop for the popular show Law and Order. A wealth of architecture, from French Renaissance to Georgian Revival, brings diversity to a focused neighborhood. Residential properties in the district are quite limited, with renters finding better luck in neighboring Tribeca. Nevertheless, residents of the area enjoy the central location and access to some of the best cultural sites in the city.

Landmarks include New York City Hall, One Police Plaza, and the United States District Court. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely walk in the neighborhood’s historic Collect Pond Park after a long afternoon marveling at domed buildings and impressive pristine staircases.

Take a stroll along the stately avenues and drink in the marble-coated history. Just be sure to stay out of the way of the parade of well-dressed people sporting briefcases and determined expressions– this is a place where big decisions are made.

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