Known for its legendary fish markets and busy atmosphere, Chinatown is a dense, historic neighborhood in central Manhattan. Fans of convenience and cultural charm will enjoy exploring the complex maze of crowded thoroughfares and alluring side streets.

Bordering the Lower East Side and Little Italy, Chinatown is home to the highest concentration of Chinese residents in the Western Hemisphere. The neighborhood is made up of mostly tenement-style apartment buildings, each with its own set of architectural quirks and historical significance. Like its neighbors, the area has become a real estate hotspot, bringing in a new market of boutique shops and hip restaurants over the last decade.

A popular tourist destination, people love to explore the authentic local restaurants, open-air markets, and side-street souvenir shops. Chinatown’s Canal Street boasts a bazaar feel that inspires visitors to shop and engage in a few rounds of good-spirited haggling with local artisans and vendors. The distinctive dining options offer flavorful fare for the adventurous palate.

A walk over to the neighborhood’s historic Columbus Park puts the area’s diverse culture and rich past on display. Those looking to learn more about this neighborhood’s strong ethnic identity will enjoy a trip to The Museum of Chinese in America or the nearby Confucius Plaza.

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