Central Harlem

Rich with history and an unapologetic grit, the thriving community of Central Harlem is a diverse central hub in north Manhattan. An influx of residents migrating from Downtown and a steady wave of gentrification makes the neighborhood an alluring mix of unpredictability and timeless charm.

Central Harlem’s real estate is mainly attractive brownstones and pre-war historical buildings. While traditional fixtures in the area, many of Harlem’s available residences are outdated and offer bare-bones amenities. People enjoy the affordable price points and quiet tree-lined streets somewhat removed from the busy commercial avenues.

Bustling 125th Street offers convenient access to a string of local retail, casual dining, and the famed Apollo Theater. Culinary gems boast the best authentic soul food in the city and a dazzling line-up of live music. Somewhat patchwork in nature, trendy cafes are popping up alongside run-down markets and famous local diners.

Famously a significant African American residential and cultural center, the area is rife with historical lore and notable landmarks. Historic theater companies perform artistic works with roots in the Harlem Renaissance alongside modern masterpieces. A stroll down Astor Row provides insight to the area’s signature architecture. Pop-up galleries and museums like El Museo del Barrio celebrate the thriving arts scene and offer residents an in-depth look at the strong cultural and historical influences in the area.

Those looking for a well-defined neighborhood with a strong history and diverse commercial landscape will find all that and more in the streets of Central Harlem.

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