Carnegie Hill

Boasting old-fashioned charm and rich history, Carnegie Hill is a small affluent neighborhood perched at the northern edge of the Upper East Side.

The neighborhood gets its name from the famed nineteenth-century mansion built by Andrew Carnegie. Perhaps the central icon of the area, the grand estate now houses the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. The tycoon’s historic abode is just one of the many mansions that have been turned into a museum or cultural institution in Carnegie Hill, a signature quirk of the area.

Once considered a less stylish counterpart to other East Side neighborhoods, Carnegie Hill is now some of the most sought-after real estate in Manhattan. A mix of classic history and upper-class prestige, the area is a favorite for families undeterred by its hefty price tag. To truly understand its residential appeal, stroll down the sunny, tree-lined streets filled with Neo-Gothic mansions, luxury apartments, and stately townhouses.

Bordering some of the most beautiful sections of Central Park, Carnegie Hill marries together vivid green space and world-class amenities, making it an undeniably comfortable place to live. The neighborhood is home to a vast array of restaurants and shopping. Residents enjoy the area’s proximity to lively destinations like Lenox Hill.

Though its magnificent surroundings might give off an exclusive vibe, Carnegie Hill is at its core a community. Neighbors congregate in the area’s many brunch spots on weekends. Residents celebrate together with annual holiday parties. Those looking for a place where everyone will know their name, a rarity in many areas of the city, will find the upscale haven to be a perfect fit.

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