Those looking for a peaceful natural setting and a classic small-town feel will love settling down in Washington.

The real estate market in Washington is a blend of single family homes, condos, larger estates, townhomes, and acres of undeveloped land. Horse farms are a fixture in the area. People are drawn to Washington for its wealth of housing options and picturesque town centers. The architecture in the region ranges from colonial and Greek revival to modern development. Washington’s stunning Millbrook district sometimes referred to as a slice of Long Island in Dutchess County, features tidy gardens, stately facades, and a lively village green.

Washington is not a place for chain stores and large shopping malls, which is just how its residents prefer it. Drive through the character-filled town for a scattering of charming boutiques, country clubs, local eateries, and charming antique shops. The land is diverse, with sprawling farmland and meadows feeding into tidy residential districts and well-maintained retail strips. Visitors and locals alike enjoy the area’s wealth of wineries and gourmet restaurants. Dairy barns and horse farms offer tours and tastings for those looking to experience upstate agrotourism.

Recreation in the upscale town is second to none. Horseback riding and golfing are two of the most popular activities in Washington. Public parks like the Millbrook Tribute Garden offer the active community access to walking and hiking trails. The Innisfree Garden, a real gem of the area, features a spacious landscape with waterfalls, streams, and Chinese gardens. Trevor Zoo at Millbrook School, another favorite hotspot in the town, offers local access to a broad range of animals and wildlife.

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