Union Vale

A rural retreat with a quiet atmosphere, Union Vale has a lot to offer those looking for a peaceful country lifestyle.

The real estate in Union Vale is a blend of modest single-family homes and larger, sprawling estates. Homeowners enjoy a healthy amount of acreage for their buck, which makes the commute to other towns for shopping and dining well worth the price. The peaceful atmosphere is a luxury that residents and visitors alike savor, offering them plenty of opportunities to drink in the area’s gorgeous natural surroundings.

With much of the land rural and underdeveloped, Union Vale is primarily residential. The tight-knit community enjoys a wealth of annual activities like Community Day and the Chili Cook-Off. The dedicated parks and recreation system makes full use of public parkland and recreation facilities. Favorite activities in the area include athletics, swimming, camping, fishing, and hiking. While it lacks a central commercial hub, Union Vale residents enjoy easy access to nearby shopping and dining in neighboring cities like Poughkeepsie.

The real gem of the area is its robust recreation industry. Country clubs boast delicious food and large golf courses, while public parkland gives this active community a place to enjoy long walks and sports matches. Tymor Park has nearly 500 acres of sports fields, playgrounds, an open pool, rental halls, campgrounds, and an equestrian center. Nearby Freedom Lake is a favorite swimming hotspot, perfect for a leisurely afternoon surrounded by nature.

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