Nestled in a quiet corner of Dutchess County, Stanford offers its residents a peaceful country atmosphere and wealth of residential options.

The real estate in Stanford is a mix of single-family homes, apartments, and farmhouses. With architecture ranging from rustic to colonial, it’s easy to see why this quiet town has become a rural haven for residents and visitors alike. A perfect place to raise a family, the city is set apart from bustling commercial hubs downstate. Stanford’s diverse architecture of lakes, hills, and forests offer stunning year-round vistas and plenty of opportunity for recreation. People flock to the area for its vast acreage and tranquil vibe.

The area is primarily residential. Densely packed neighborhoods give way to sprawling farmland. A few local businesses dot the landscape, each with its own quaint character. Residents in this region enjoy the luxury of undisturbed natural landscapes, with the knowledge that shopping and restaurants are not out of reach. Thriving commercial hubs are just a short drive away in Poughkeepsie or Kingston, giving residents the best of both worlds.

Stanford has an excellent reputation for outdoor recreation. Residents enjoy tidy facilities for sports like baseball, tennis, and basketball. With ample green space and a public beach, visitors can pursue activities like swimming, hiking, kayaking, and camping. The Buttercup Farm Audubon Sanctuary, a scenic 500-acre property in town, boasts miles of walking trails, waterfalls, and acres of tidy gardens. Bird watchers and nature enthusiasts can marvel at the many species of birds that reside in the sanctuary, while those looking for a peaceful place to meditate will love the tranquil rock gardens. Hike up the famed Stissing Mountain to take in panoramic views of the vibrant town and natural beauty that makes it a lovely place to call home.

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