North East

Nestled in the corner of Dutchess County, North East is a rural haven with a tight-knit community.

An abundance of housing options characterizes this charming Dutchess County district. The real estate market in the area is a diverse mix of single family dwellings, farmhouses, townhouses, and apartments. Architecture runs from stately Colonials and rustic farmhouse construction to more modern facades. Aptly named, North East borders Connecticut at Dutchess County’s northeastern corner. While much of the town is farmland, North East has a growing collection of commercial entertainments for its resident and visitors alike.

There’s plenty of things to do in North East’s countryside. Millerton, the area’s commercial hub, boasts lively strips of shops, boutiques, and restaurants. Youth summer camps and community workshops and organizations form the backbone of the area’s recreation system. Farmer’s markets are a fixture in the area, a nod to the wealth of produce harvested in the region each year. The peaceful atmosphere that pervades North East makes it an ideal location for those seeking a easygoing lifestyle in upstate New York.

People flock to the area for its acres of undisturbed land and scenic views. Taconic State Park runs along its namesake mountain ridge, offering visitors access to a network of walking and hiking trails, including a portion of the famed Appalachian Trail. Favorite activities in the area include boating, hiking, cross-country skiing, and camping. Nearby Millerton Recreation Park and the Housatonic State Forest are favorite hotspots for nature enthusiasts and those looking to drink in the scenic landscape in Dutchess County.

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