Stretching along southern Dutchess County, the lively town of Beekman is a wooded country haven brimming with potential.

People flock to the area for its tranquil atmosphere and diverse landscape. Densely wooded areas and sprawling farmland feed into pockets of residential areas and bustling commercial districts. The real estate market comprises apartments, single family homes, luxury townhouses, condos, and co-ops. A mix of historic and modern architecture is a testament to the region’s rich architectural history.

Industrial expansion has spurred an incredible amount of growth in the area. The retail scene is robust. Small shops and boutiques share the street with larger chain stores and thriving restaurants. Seasonal activities like picking produce at the local orchards add to the character alive in this tight-knit community.

Nature is abundant in Beekman. An extensive network of hiking and biking trails compliments the ample green space. Sylvan Lake is a hotspot during the warmer months, while public parks provide year-round recreation. The stretches of woodland surrounding the town are an ever-present reminder of the vast array of wildlife and natural beauty that’s always a few steps away.

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