Dutchess County, NY

Located in the southeastern portion of New York state, Dutchess County’s sprawling scenic landscape is home to a variety of charming suburban towns and country villages.

Before the mid-twentieth century, Dutchess County was primarily a rural area. In recent decades, the southwestern portion of the county has shifted into a residential space, with a large percentage of the population commuting into Westchester County and New York City.

A mix of quaint rural villages and walkable suburban towns, Dutchess County has a lot to offer those looking for the peace of the country and the conveniences of modern suburbia. In recent years, a large influx of people relocating from its pricier neighboring county of Westchester, along with a steady stream of transplants from Manhattan and the Bronx, have boosted the area’s home values significantly.

Known for its wealth of parkland and outdoor activities, most towns in Dutchess County boast an excellent parks and recreation system. Residents and visitors enjoy important landmarks like Franklin D. Roosevelt’s family home and the Vanderbilt Mansion. Take in a hike or leisurely bike ride on the popular Walkway Over the Hudson Historic Park, or camp around one of the area’s gorgeous lakes. Every July, the Dutchess County Chamber of Commerce holds an annual hot air balloon launch along the Hudson River, with as many as twenty balloons participating each year.

Covering over 800 square miles, Dutchess County features ample natural space and outdoor recreation, with the historic charm of its landmarks and local festivals.

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